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Vehicles need regular checks and maintenance. Most people ignore the need for automotive locksmiths and think that they do not require one for automobile – until, they get locked out of their car or lose their keys. Westlake OH Locksmith Store always suggests that clients should keep a special automotive locksmith to rescue them from the darkest hours of contingencies.Westlake OH Locksmith Store has been around for a decade in Westlake, OH and our experience says that to avoid major car lock-related mishaps you should get the locks checked regularly for security and assess it for future defects, if any are to be found.

Some of the common issues where you might need an automotive locksmithare discussed here:

Broken Keys

Westlake OH Locksmith Store Westlake, OH 440-368-0226Keys getting stuck in vehicle locks are one of the most common problems. Westlake OH Locksmith Store has solved similar situations that require great finesse. Broken key extraction can be done with the use of specialized tools and technology so as not to inflict any damage on the lock. Many clients try to remove the broken keys by themselves, but end up making the situation even more complicated. Westlake OH Locksmith Store suggests customers not to attempt solving such issues on their own, just call us in and we will be there to help you no matter what the time or location.

Car Keys

Car keys are lost very often. Sometimes they are locked within the car itself. Westlake OH Locksmith Store always recommends clients to keep two sets of keys to ensure they have access to their vehicle all the time. Duplicate keys can be given to other members of the family and also be kept in more secure places. Westlake OH Locksmith Store’s automotive locksmiths can make instant duplicate keys and help you gain access to your vehicle no matter what!


The moment you find yourself in the middle of a distressful situation, just call Westlake OH Locksmith Store. Our team will come over to your location, irrespective of whether it is the middle of a forest or your backyard. The team of automotive locksmiths will arrive on our state-of-the-art mobile locksmith vans. Each of these vans is equipped with the latest tools, cutting-edge machinery and latest technology equipment to resolve locksmith issues.

We offer the best professional automotive locksmith services with a quick turnaround time. Westlake OH Locksmith Store has always made sure that we all our services are priced affordably to fit everyone’s budget. It is this reasonable price point and timely service that keeps our clients coming back to us every time they need a locksmith’s help in Westlake. You too can call us on 440-368-0226, to experience our extraordinary service!