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Westlake OH Locksmith Store Westlake, OH 440-368-0226When you lose a key to your home or business, you at least have the convenience of waiting for help in a familiar location. That is not always the case when you lose a car key or have one break off inside your ignition. Inclement weather conditions and the cover of night make this situation even more distressing that it already is. Westlake OH Locksmith Store knows you need urgent help and we are here to provide it. Whether you need car key replacement for lost or broken car keys, ignition switch replacement and repair services, luxury automobile service, or something else entirely, our automotive locksmith technicians have the tools and experience to help.


24 Hour Onsite Service

Our 24-hour professional automotive locksmith technicians are happy to get you back on the road again while minimizing your wait time. After you place you place your call, look for a mobile service van with Westlake OH Locksmith Store written on it. This is your indication that help has arrived. We can create either standard or transponder keys based on your needs. If you're on the road, our technicians are too. You can rest assured that someone will answer right away when you call us at 440-368-0226 24 hours a day.

Trunk Locks

The trunk of your vehicle is a handy place to put groceries, luggage, and other things that you can't carry all at once. It can be extremely aggravating when you attempt to open or close your trunk and are prevented from doing so by a jammed or broken lock. The situation can turn dangerous when you're unable to access tools to repair your vehicle or when the trunk flies open unexpectedly. Regardless of the extent of your trunk lock damage or how it occurred, contact Westlake OH Locksmith Store at any time for immediate help.

Jammed Ignition

A jammed ignition not only prevents you from starting your vehicle, it can cause your key to break as well. Before attempting to push the key in further and risking additional problems, contact Westlake OH Locksmith Store to request ignition replacement, ignition repair, or key retrieval.

We Replace Car Keys

Most people have had the experience of losing their car keys and then trying to re-trace their steps to no avail. It is especially challenging when you lose them in an unfamiliar area. In addition to not being able to start your car, you worry that your keys may end up in the wrong hands. Regardless of which type of replacement key you require, contact Westlake OH Locksmith Store to create them. We make standard car keys as well as transponder and high security keys within minutes of arriving at your location.

Our skilled automotive locksmith technicians have years of experience and extensive skills in helping motorists out of a stressful situation. We are always available to help people in Westlake, OH and the surrounding communities with car key cutting and numerous other services. When you’re stranded due to a disabled vehicle, don't call a cab or a tow truck. Contact Westlake OH Locksmith Store instead for immediate help with getting back on the road.

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